Happy Tuesday Everyone!

For this latest post we thought we would answer some of the most popular questions around eye lash extensions which will hopefully help your decisions on which ones to go for much easier.

Whether our clients are going on holiday, to a special occasion or they simply do not have long lashes naturally, eye lash extensions are becoming more and more popular and once you have them on, generally people love the way they look that much, they can’t stop having them on :). Wearing eyelash extensions opens up your eyes and saves you valuable time in a morning popping on that mascara :).

At Petite Soleil we have a few options to enhance the look of your lashes but whats the difference?

Lash Perfect individual lashes are single eye lashes which are placed on to a single lash. These are a great option for adding length and a a little bit of thickness whilst still remaining natural. Numerous lengths are available but if it is plenty of thickness you are trying to achieve then Lash Perfect isn’t what you are after and would recommend our next option……

Russian Lashes are what we classify as a more glam lash as with these extensions you can go up to 7 times the thickness of the individual lashes. These lashes are categorised as 2D-4D and then 5D-7D. The number refers to the amount of lashes that are placed together in a ‘fan’ arrangement before applying onto a lash. The Russian Lashes again come in all lengths and are the best option if its thickness you desire.

Both our Lash Perfect and Russian Lashes have a selection of curl options for you to choose from and last up to 6 weeks. Your natural lashes will not be damaged or lost if extensions are well cared for. As natural shedding of your own eyelashes occur, this is when your extensions will fall out. You may find that some weeks you loose more extensions than other weeks but again this is only because of the cycle of your own eyelash shedding and growth. You may also find that you loose more on the side which you sleep on than the other. Everybody is different but most clients come back every 2- 3 weeks for infills if the extensions is something you are wanting to maintain.

Patch tests are not required for eye lash extensions but we strongly recommend for those clients with sensitive eyes or if you would like one carrying out regardless, we are of course happy to do this for you. Patch tests are to be carried out at least 24 hours before treatment.

For a more temporary option, we also offer the cluster lashes otherwise known as party lashes which last approximately 3 days and are a great option for those long weekends. We also sell a selection of strip eyelashes in the salon provided by our sister salon Petite Beautique of Standish.

It may be that eyelash extensions are not for you…… we therefore have an alternative to offer. Our Lash Lift is an hour treatment which lengthens and perms your natural lash from the root and is finished with a tint. A lovely natural treatment which is again suitable for all occasions and also lasts up to 6 weeks.

All prices are available on our website but if you have any further questions our team are happy to help in any way! Having so many different options is always more difficult to make decisions but our beauticians will help you in the best way possible.


Petite Soleil