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So, at the moment we all know it’s all about the brows! Brows can completely transform your face!

Since opening in January, eyebrows have been a main focus for a lot of our clients, particularly Microblading. Microblading has been our most popular treatment and has reached much further across the country than we could ever could have expected…. we have clients travelling over 2 hours to see us for them to walk out of our little ‘Petite Soleil’ with the brows they desire. However, this article isn’t so much about Microblading but more about trying to achieve better brows yourself. This article looks more at the top tips we can give you to try and create your more desired eyebrow shape by yourself via makeup.

Eyebrow maintenance can be frustrating  to keep up with and time consuming. When your brows look great, you can be minimal with the rest of your makeup, because they make a strong statement.  We are sure that you will find some of these tips useful:


Extra definition will give your face an instant lift, and open up eyes. Find your natural arch by placing a finger above the outer half of your brow and lifting up the skin. Your natural brow arch should be where your brow naturally bends. Fill in your brows with a pencil, then pluck one row of hairs from the bottom if needed, following your natural shape. Brush hairs upward with a brow brush from the front of the brow to soften and create a faded out look.


Thick brows make your face look more youthful and can frame your eyes. Thicker arches work best on natural brows, so let all hairs grow in for three to four weeks before having a pro shape them. To fake fuller brows in the meantime, dip an angled brush into a matte shadow in a matching shade, or use a pencil to fill in large gaps. Be sure to apply in short, light strokes, and follow your current shape for the most natural look.


If you have changed your hair colour, remember to change your brow shade maybe via a tint initially. Consider also using a tinted brow gel-it’ll coat each hair and look more natural than powder or pencil, which can sit on skin. A brow gel also helps to control those wild hairs that never do want you want them to do :).


To help define the shape of your brow, place a small amount of concealer on a flat angle brush and run this underneath the brow.

There are many aids which can assist you with creating a better shaped brow when applying makeup. A favourite of ours is Christian Eyebrow Stencil Kit which includes 3 different stencils, powder, highlighter and brush…. its everything you need.


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