Happy New Year!

A new year has started and we are very much looking forward to 2018.

We have some fabulous offers in place to get everyone back in the swing of things which include the following:


25% OFF all massages throughout January and February

20% OFF all hair colour treatments throughout January

£160 for Microblading which is normally £180. Running throughout January but we are already full for this month so why not book this month and pay a deposit to secure this offer price and get your brows done later in the year!

Contact the salon to make the most of these offers.


Over the next couple of months we will have new treatments to add to our extensive price list so please keep an eye out for these updates :).


We are also pleased to announce that Gemma is now an accredited Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant offering consultations at the salon 6 days a week to help everyone get back in shape and get rid of the Christmas weight! Whether you have a wedding coming up, a holiday or simply want to change your lifestyle and maybe you have hit a wall with other dieting methods, this plan is easy to follow saving you prepping time and even money. No matter how much you have to loose, together we choose the best ‘Step’ for you. Each ‘Step’ consists of didn’t calorie consumptions, Cambridge products and normal meals to help ease your body back in to a normal eating regime after you hit your target. Correct portion sizes and the right nutrients needed to keep you healthy whilst still loosing weight, are taken into consideration in all Cambridge products. We all know that some may say ‘just eat less and exercise more’ but we also know that for some of us its not as easy as that. Why not try our method and see how you get on….. no contract so you can stop if it isn’t right for you!  It may be that you want to try and diet by yourselves…… remember water is the key. It may be that you struggle drinking water….. well we have something that can help. At the salon we are now selling Cambridge Weight Plan water flavourings which you can buy over the counter for just £5. Much healthier than diet drinks and cordial, we have the following flavours available: Raspberry and Elderflower, Lemon and Lime, Orange, Watermelon. Just pop in to the  salon to purchase. For more information on the plan please visit our page on the website or contact Gemma.


Here’s to a fabulous 2017 but an even better 2018!


Petite Soleil