Hello Sunshines,

It has been an extremely busy year so far so we apologise for our lack of blogging but thank you all once again for your continued following via our social media 🙂

We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our regulars and we have welcomed many new clients which is amazing. We have also welcomed a new member to our team this year, Jess, who is continuously adding to our offering and is becoming increasing busy herself. It’s wonderful to be able to offer so many more appointments by having another pair of hands on board our fabulous team! She starts college this September to continue learning so keep an eye out for our offers and discounts as she adds more and more treatments to her belt. Jess has been doing makeup now for over a year and as you may have seen from her photos on social media, she is superb and is extremely busy each weekend doing makeup in the salon. In terms of offers, currently we are offering CND Shellac fingers or toes at £10 until the end of August.

A quick update on the Cambridge Weight Plan….. congratulations to all of the clients which have had the willpower to stick with the Cambridge….. nobody said it was going to be easy but you have believed in yourselves, the plan and as a result you are achieving to incredible results. It really is more than possible to achieve your weight loss targets if you want it enough whether that be with this plan or any other ‘IF IT DOESN’T CHALLENGE YOU IT WON’T CHANGE YOU.’ Contact us via telephone for more information.

Also this year our products have rocketed. Our instant tanning mist SUNBURST has hit all corners of the UK and we could not be happier with the reviews. At only £7.50 plus a standard postage charge it is an absolute bargain and you can get many full body tans out of this instant tan. It really is like having a spray tan at home. Remember if you have any photos wearing our fabulous SUNBURST, make sure you tag us in them. If you haven’t yet purchased, you can purchase via our website, visiting the salon or contacting us directly.

A final update relates to Christmas….. yes I mentioned the C word already. Clients are already booking December appointments however due to us being heavily let down last year, we are asking for 20% deposits to secure December appointments…… our December/January appointments are like gold dust and we do only want committed clients over this busy period especially when these slots could have gone 10 times over. Thank you again to those that don’t let us down and appreciate our time. Christmas offers will be announced in October and these will include are very popular ones from last year plus a few new ones :).


We hope everyone continues to enjoy the last of the summer holidays and we will be back soon with more updates!



Petite Soleil