Well where do I begin!

The last 6 weeks have been absolutely manic for all the right reasons and our official open day which took place on Friday proved that all the hard work, preparation and marketing push during this transition to becoming the new Petite Soleil, has been well and truly worth it! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! We appreciate every little bit of support and thank you so much for taking the time to celebrate with us on our big day! For those of you that had already visited the salon for treatments since we took over on the 3rd of January, thanks also to you for giving our beautiful salon a try and for all your positive feedback and comments!

A special thanks from me needs to go to the people closest. Firstly, thanks to my parents and grandparents for all their help transforming the salon….. it really does look like complete luxury and the difference from what it was is just incredible. Thanks to my sister for her support and allowing both Petite Soleil and Petite Beautique to work together where necessary and to my other half who has helped with the branding and marketing not just for Petite Soleil but also for Petite Beautique. From our logo’s right through to our website and continuous marketing graphics…. the professionalism of his work helps set us a side from our competition! We may only be small but our marketing is mighty :)!  Finally to my friends and special guests Tom and Stacey Bridewell for coming all the way from Wiltshire to cut our ribbon on the open day!

Over the last few weeks, Petite Soleil have recruited a professional, driven and enthusiastic team of hair stylists, beauticians and an amazing Aesthetics Nurse providing treatments to only the highest of standards. In such a short space of time we have bonded as a team amazingly. Our aim is to provide our customers with a broad range of services from sunbeds, spray tans, hair treatments, extensions to waxing, massage and facials. What we currently offer on our website won’t just stop there either……. the ‘Petite’ salons have some big plans over the coming months providing more and more treatments, offers and packages which we hope at some point will benefit each and everyone one of you. it is worth mentioning that nail treatments such as shellac, acrylics, tips etc are something we have NO plans of doing at Petite Soleil as this is a very niche service. The Standish salon is one of the best in the Wigan area and if you are wanting an exceptional job doing on your nails for your event or holiday we wouldn’t recommend anywhere else. We are also pleased to announce that my sister has recently received her teaching qualification and the ‘Petite Beautique Academy’ will soon be holding beauty training course at the Shevington salon…. dates to come soon!!!!

This past week we have also been able to announce our very own product range which was extremely exciting for us and again these products are only of the highest quality. Those of you who made it to our open day will have received a little sample of one or two of the products we have available in your goodie bag! Firstly, for those who enjoy a sunbed session, our very own tanning accelerator cream called ‘Petite Soleil’s Sunseeker.’ Proven to be extremely effective whilst using the beds, we are offering small pots for single use at £2 and also our 100ml bottles at £7.50. Our second product is for those who like to self tan and a particular favourite of ours…… ‘Petite Soleil’s Sunburst’ which is an aerosol tanning mist and our equivalent to offering you a ‘spray tan at home.’ Its a 12% solution and the aerosol method provides a fantastic even coverage which feels extremely light on the skin. Our 250ml tanning mist is just £9.00. Both tanning products have be manufactured by the same manufacturer as St Moritz and Suntana :)! Finally, our final product announced this week comes from our sister shop Petite Beautique. Their very own strip eyelash range includes 5 different styles providing something suitable for everyone. They are self adhesive so no need to mess around with glue. All of these products are available to buy in both salons and will soon be on our website for those of you who would like to purchase but aren’t local to us. If you have any questions about of new products please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you haven’t had chance to visit either of the salons, despite the vast amount of competition in terms of hair and beauty salons in the Wigan area and the fact we are only a chain of 2, we don’t do things by halves and our ‘Petite’ salons with their attention to detail and shabby chic décor, bringing something new and fresh for you, our clients in Standish and now Shevington! We have taken into consideration the life style of our clients and have therefore provided opening hours suitable for everyone. We are also the only salon in Shevington open on a Monday!

The next steps for us is to continue to work as a team and invest the time and effort into building those all important relationships with you are fantastic loyal clients :).

Thanks again for the continued support on our ‘Petite’ journey and hope to see some of you soon!

Rise & Glow with Petite Soleil!